21-0412 Water Meter Switch


4420 Campbell Drive started our Living Building Challenge annual (1-year) compliance period on July 27, 2020. Since the start of our compliance period, we switched water tracking software from digital (Phyn Smart Water Meter) to analog meters (Neptune). The project was not connected to LADWP city water during this time and had the water service turned off at the curb. The data from the 9 weeks of the digital water meter was unusable, even after calibration and feedback from the manufacturer. The new analog water meters are in place and are providing usable data. How can we best document that we are meeting the LBC requirements with this small window of missing data?
Per LBC Handbook "Monthly documentation of water quantity from each source, including: Rainwater harvested, groundwater and/or surface water, Condensate (AWG), on-site reclaimed greywater, municipally provided potable water (when allowed)
We believe that this journey to find adequate, cost-effective and reliable water meters is part of the process and story behind LBC and why we are pursuing this certification. How can we continue our compliance period given this equipment switch?

Proposed Solutions:
• The property is not connected to city, can we use utility bills from LADWP to verify/document that we did not use any city water during that time?
• Can we use an average of the annual water usage to fill in the 9 weeks of missing data?


By virtue of having no service from the municipal system under typical occupancy conditions during the nine weeks for which there is no meter data, the project was necessarily meeting its potable water needs through onsite sourcing.

When submitting their Water Supply and Use Table, the project team may therefore use average water use data for the nine weeks of missing water meter data. They must submit supporting documentation confirming the site was fully and typically occupied during those nine weeks, and confirm in the form of utility bills showing zero water consumption or a signed letter from the utility, that no water was being supplied by the utility.

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