21-0412 Greywater Scale Jumping


The same individual owns 4420 Campbell Drive and the adjacent property at 4411 Grand View Blvd, these properties back up to each other and share the same back lot line. Currently 4420 Campbell is the only property pursuing LBC certification. However, 4411 Grand View has plans/aspirations to pursue LBC in the future. Per the code, 4411 cannot install solar with the current electrical panel and there are major logistical hurdles to upgrading the electrical panel. Currently 4420 Campbell (pursuing LBC) collects greywater from the laundry and shower at 4411 Grand View (neighboring property, not pursing LBC). This water is directly discharged to ~8 fruit trees on 4420 Campbell. We believe this meets the intent and provides net-benefit. Is there precedent for this?

Per LBC Handbook "Scale jumping must result in a net benefit, including one or more; higher net efficiency, mutually beneficial water sharing, preservation of existing trees/habitat, creation of a larger infrastructure strategy that benefits all parties off the project site.

"Submit scale jumping concepts to the Dialogue for pre-approval to confirm the proposal meets to intent of this imperative."

LBC Approved Example(s) in Handbook:

  • Residential development that collects rooftop-harvested from multiple buildings into a common cistern where the water is then pumped back to each home for use. 
  • Supplemental Information

    Grand View has minimal irrigation needs due to native, draught tolerant planting and a minimal landscaping footprint. Therefore, the greywater produced at Grand View would go directly to sewer. 


    Though the buildings share the same owner, the proposed strategy may be considered Scale Jumping because the project pursuing certification is located on a separate legal parcel from the site supplying the greywater. Because the greywater is surplus to beneficial uses on the generating site, the project may use the greywater from the offsite property (4411 Grand View). Per Scale Jumping requirements, all new infrastructure required to convey the water from offsite to the project at 4420 Campbell Drive is subject to the requirements of the Living Building Challenge Imperatives being pursued by the certifying project at 4420 Campbell Drive.

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