21-0512 High EUI Building - Available Roof Area Clarification

Seeking Living Certification under the Living Building Challenge v4.0
Imperative - Net Positive Carbon

Our project is a small distillery building that will meet the High EUI Building criteria under EC-012 Off-Site Renewables. Should our team need this requirement to comply with the Net Positive Carbon, we seek clarification on the definition of "available roof area." Can someone provide us with guidance on how to calculate the required on-site area?


Per Dialogue Post 19-0204 v3.x Available Roof Area, Available Roof Area is defined as "the area within a roof parapet, or from ridge to edge of a sloped roof, excluding skylights, communal gathering spaces, urban agriculture and green roof areas, but not excluding mechanical units, private roof spaces, or stair and elevator penthouses." Roof area that is ill-suited for solar production may not be excluded from the available area in a New Construction project unless the project team can provide a clear and compelling reason for the building's orientation and roof structure.

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