21-0601 JUST Clarification for Small Project Teams for Windsor Substation


The Windsor Substation (L40C-2000000003) project team is requesting ILFI clarify Just Programme requirements for our Core Certification (Standard v09). The small project team consists of 5 organisations; the client, the architect, the LBC consultant, the engineer, and the contractor. Two of these organisations are very small (less than 5 employees), and the architect is self-employed, without any other employees.

The engineer (LHT) has now received it's Just Label. The LBC consultant is currently working towards a Just Label. If the client agrees to a self-assessment, would this be sufficient to meet the intent? This will mean that 3 out of the 5 organisations involved in the project will either have achieved a Just label or a self-assessment.


The project team should be able to meet the JUST Label requirements of this Petal: 2 JUST Labels and 3 JUST Self-Assessments based on the 5 projects teams involved (according to Table 18-1 in the Equity Petal Handbook). The engineer and LBC consultant will have the JUST Label and ILFI encourages the client, architect, and the contractor to go through the self-assessment. Due to their small sizes, the assessments should not be a lengthy process. While ILFI acknowledges that some categories will be less applicable for these smaller companies, there are many aspects that are beneficial for companies of all sizes to assess with respect to what they are doing for their community from a social justice perspective.

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