21-1117 Proprietary tool for ZC LCA


This Dialogue Post is written in order to accept a Proprietary Tool for Zero Carbon LCA.

I had a long technical discussion with OneClickLCA on their tools (Levels and NetZero which seem to be the two ILFI-approved tools), and my conclusion is that none of their tools exactly fit the ILFI Handbook demand, which is scope A1-A5 of the EPDs. I can transfer our discussion if necessary.

This is why we would like to submit our own tool, which thoroughly respects ILFI demand, through Dialogue. Indeed, we have built and worked on this tool since the beginning of the project, and all calculations would be changed if the scope changes during export on OneClickLCA.

Our tool is a simple calculator of qty of materials x carbon impact (A1-A5 sourced from EPDs that are documented) x (lifespan) = total carbon impact.

All Criteria for Embodied Carbon Analysis Tool that are shown on 21-0319 Dialogue Post are respected:

  1. The database must be derived from third party verified information such as Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), or peer-reviewed LCA's. A maintenance plan must be in place that ensures the information in the database is kept current. == 98% of our EPDs are extracted from the French database INIES. The last two EPDs come from other recognized international databases.
  2. A whole building LCA is preferred, but any tool must at a minimum assess stages A1-A3. == We assess A1-A5 as asked in the Handbook. The perimeter is as asked by Handbook (Table ZC-3)
  3. The tool must be publicly available and non-proprietary == We will give access to the tool and to all EPDs as justification for audit.


The project team may use the proposed custom LCA tool to provide a more accurate analysis of the materials in its project.

Subsequent correspondence emphasizes that the tool is extremely simple and that other teams interested in using it would need to manually upload the reference data. Notwithstanding, the team will need to make the tool accessible, and provide indication of what data it accessed that isn't available through the list of ILFI-approved LCA's and provide instructions for how to use and maintain the tool. Evidence of the tool's availability and supporting information will need to be provided with submitted documentation for the final audit.

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