21-1214 Energy Petal Preschool Project


This Dialogue Post is regarding the Project having trouble meeting net Zero + Net Positive.

The potential is that the PV was undersized at this time we are troubleshooting but it is definitely under performing annually by about 15%. For most of the year the project is Net Positive but 3-4 months of winter perform so low and the consumption so much higher that the annual calculation has the project is falling short.

We have spent a number of months troubleshooting this issue. We did find the water heaters in a high heating mode and made that adjust a couple months ago. This has helped a bit. The PV system generally generates over 3,000kW during most months and consuming just around 2,500 kWh but October through January production drops and consumption rises.

See actual PV production tracked by the installers meters and the consumption in kWh from the utility bills.

The project is owned and operated by the ENC, the ENC itself has a large PV system that general over performs in the Net Positive by about 30-40% annually. The ENC is on a connected property in fact the properties are joined. The ENC and the ENC Preschool in fact form a sort of mini campus. We are proposing that the ENC Preschool be allowed to allocate a portion of its owners PV production at the ENC for calculation into the generation for the ENC Preschool.

Both Projects are LEED Platinum Projects.

We can show the past 12-16-18 months (whichever is preferred) generation and consumption from ENC Preschool and the same period generation from the ENC.

The generated energy is not sold to other and is solely owned by the ENC.

Being the same owner and operator and on the same campus our hope is that we can be permitted to allocate some of the overage at the ENC to the ENC Preschool.

Please see the attached for additional supporting information.


The information provided suggests that the project may be able to meet the criteria specified for use of exception I06-SJ2 Campus Remote Renewables (pg. 21 of the LBC 3.1 Energy Petal Handbook), which provides for Scale Jumping within a campus to a nearby area or building to meet the project’s energy needs.

The criteria include demonstrating that the project is operating within the site's solar income, demonstrating that the energy used by the project is not usurping energy being used by another building, and ensuring that the energy used by the project is attributed only to the project, and that the associated Renewable Energy Credits are retired.

Documentation showing that the project meets the criteria would need to be submitted at audit. Specific guidance on demonstrating that the project is operating within its solar income is provided under the Scale Jumping section of the Energy Petal Handbook on pg. 20.

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