22-0127 Storage and Facilities for Human-powered Vehicles


We are writing to confirm that this project's approach to the human powered vehicle requirement in the Human Scaled Living imperative provides sufficient secure, weather-protected storage for human-powered vehicles and facilities to encourage biking. This project is an existing building project that is renovating a significant portion of the main floor to provide a Bicycle Clubhouse for tenants.

In addition to bicycle storage, the Bicycle Clubhouse provides accessible facilities, secure accessory storage, bicycle wash facilities, bicycle repair facilities, seating lounge, and dedicated entry onto Railroad Way S, with architecture and artwork supporting integrated experience of biking to and from the building. The Bicycle Clubhouse elevates human powered transportation to a central project experience.

The Bicycle Clubhouse provides parking for a total of 74 bicycles. The design of the storage prioritizes space for four, centrally located, floor-mounted accessible storage racks, exceeding the code-required minimum for accessible storage. At an estimated full building occupancy of approximately 900 occupants, the Bicycle Clubhouse provides storage for 8.2% of occupants, which exceeds expectations for occupant use.

In addition there are 141 bicycle parking spots available to this building's occupants in a neighboring building connected to this building at the first floor and owned and operated by the same owner. The adjacent building has an estimated occupancy of 800 and offers additional bicycle amenities including clothes washing and drying machines. Combined between the two buildings there is bicycle parking available to about 13% of two building's occupants.

This approach provides sufficient secure, weather-protected storage for human-powered vehicles and facilities to encourage biking and maximizes what is possible in an existing building renovation, reflecting the building owner's commitment to supporting human powered transportation.


Having confirmed with the project team that the bicycle parking available in the adjacent building is covered and secure, the Institute agrees that the features and concept of the Bicycle Clubhouse, combined with the total area of bicycle parking available to the project occupants, is a commendable approach that thoroughly meets the intent for protected secure storage and facilities to encourage use of human-powered vehicles.

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