22-0211 FSC Last Link Exception for LBC 4.0/Core


The FSC Last Link in COC exception was published in Dialogue post 17-0721 v3.1 FSC Exception or Additional Support, in July of 2017, prior to the release of LBC 4.0 and Core. Because of the lower FSC thresholds in LBC 4.0 and Core, the exception was not carried forward for applicability in those standards (nor was the Market Limitations exception established in that post). However, based on experiences of project teams pursuing LBC 4.0 and Core, the Institute has determined that market conditions warrant making the FSC Last Link in COC exception available to LBC 4.0 and Core projects.

MT-012 FSC Last Link in COC

In the case where FSC wood can be tracked by COC to a “last link” before the project receives the wood, but

  1. the team is unable to convince the one “missing link” to get FSC certification, and 
  2. there is no viable "outsourcing" option (through an FSC certified entity or a project contractor), and
  3. the next closest supplier is more than more than 1000 km away by land or 5000 km by water, 

the team may use the products from the “last link”.


I12-a Additional Narrative - efforts to locate compliant wood, including to coordinate outsourcing.

I12-c Advocacy Letter - advocacy to suppliers within the 1000 km radius to get certified, including providing information about group certification

I12-e Due Diligence Documentation (new) - showing that the final link is accurately attributing the FSC wood that came into their facility to the LBC project, and not double counting that wood for other projects (e.g. a signed statement from the foreman, owner, or other responsible party).

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