22-0510 Human-powered Living: Bike Storage


570 Mercer is an eight story office building in Seattle pursuing the Place petal under LBC v3.1. We are requesting a reduction from the recommended bike storage of at least 15% of building occupants.

Building Code Occupant Load is 2037 occupants, which includes 1258 on seven office levels and 779 on the first floor, which is mainly retail/restaurant use. Seattle Land Use Code requires us to provide a total of 134 short-term and long-term bike storage spaces. We are exceeding this requirement by providing 152 spaces on-site and in a storage room with direct access to a dedicated bike path. This is equivalent to one space for 7.5% of occupants. Additionally, we will provide four showers and 112 lockers.

The project traffic engineer provided the following data for Seattle commuter modes, which shows bike commuters as 3.4% of all commuters in 2019 and 3.3% in 2021.

Based on this, we ask that we be allowed to reduce the number of bike spaces to 7.5% of occupants, which is more than double the share of commuters who bike to work in Seattle.

NOTE: per graphic provided with submission, cited commuter data are from surveys conducted by Commute Seattle, a non-profit transportation management association that promotes alternatives to driving alone.


The proposed quantity of bike storage accommodates a rate of bicycle transit double the pre-pandemic and current rate, according to data that are:

  1. third-party,
  2. particular to the project vicinity and building use, and
  3. reflective of current conditions, representing more than a single snapshot.

Given the supporting data and the number of lockers and showers to be provided, the proposed quantity of bike parking, provided it is secure and weather-protected, is approved as sufficient.

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