Q: What are the benefits of LFA achievement?

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We think the benefits are countless 🙂 But if we had to count them, we'd be sure to start with: 

#1 | Depth and diversification of advanced sustainable design knowledge

  • Familiarity with ILFI’s certification programs, labels, and initiatives
  • Understanding of leading edge regenerative design philosophy
  • Flexibility to specialize in topic area(s) of interest 

#2 | Workplace recognition 

  • Personal use of post-nominal initials (LFA) and official LFA seal 
  • Distinguishment as a leader in your industry 

#3 | Project and career opportunities for impact 

  • Eligibility to fulfill the LFA project team member requirement on LBC 4.0 and Core Green Building projects 
  • Preparation and confidence for working on projects pursuing Living Future Challenge certifications and labels 
  • Growth in your capacity to work on and advocate for advanced sustainable design projects 

#4 | Global community of LFA peers 

  • Belonging to an international and diverse community of practice that shares a common vision for a Living Future 
  • Connection with fellow LFA professionals through opportunities provided by ILFI

Tip: Did you know that you can earn AIA credits while pursuing your LFA? As a whole, the LFA Foundational Curriculum offers 2 AIA LU credits and 18 AIA LU|HSW credits. Learn how the AIA credit reporting process works here

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