Quick Guide | LFA Fees + Discounts

How much does it cost to achieve LFA?

The cost to achieve LFA will vary depending on your individual preferences and prior education. We've noted the minimum and maximum cost for the two requisite components of LFA achievement in the table below. To develop a more precise estimate, learners not taking the Fast Track should consider how they plan to fulfill the 16-credit General Education requirement.

Min Cost ($ USD) Max Cost ($ USD)
LFA Foundational Curriculum $675 for Living Future Members $750 for non-members
16 General Credits $0 for Fast Track  Compare the costs of various General Credit sources here

Tip: Did you know you can count education earned prior to your LFA enrollment toward the 16-credit General Education requirement? Learn more here.

What discounts are available for LFA achievement?

We've developed several ways to save on LFA achievement:

  • Take the Fast Track and fulfill the 16-credit General Education requirement for no additional cost.
  • Leverage your experience and either partially or fully meet the 16-credit General Education requirement by self-reporting your work on a Living Future project(s) or label(s).
  • Become a Living Future Member and receive 10% off all ILFI education, the ability to earn General Credit for reading Ecotone books, free General Credits through periodic educational webinars, and so much more — details here.
  • Pursue LFA with a team through a customized Corporate Membership package and receive discounts on Foundational Curriculum enrollments and General Credit sources for your whole group — details here.

Tip: Did you know that ILFI has an International Pricing Policy? If you're eligible, we encourage you to apply.

How can Living Future Membership help me save on LFA achievement (and beyond)?

Here's your cheat sheet for all the ways in which Living Future Members save on education, both while they're pursuing LFA and after they've achieved it:

*Potential source of General Credits if pursuing LFA

Learn more about membership levels, register for a free informational webinar, and consider joining today — just visit the Living Future Membership webpage!

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