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When looking at calculating urban agriculture area can we include area needed to access the crops? For example, we are looking at using raised beds as a way to provide equal access to edible plants and want to have wide enough spacing between beds for wheelchair access, places to sit etc. Can this- similar to including areas for maintenance equipment-be included in the urban agriculture area calculation?

Some example/precedent imagery of designed agriculture beds are attached for discussion. As you can see the spacing varies between the different layouts- are the restrictions on the area we can count? https://ilbi.org/action/community/dialogue/site/imperative-two/953847882...


Areas that provide access between cultivated spaces, such as pathways, are allowed to count toward the urban agriculture area. There are no specific restrictions to the amount of circulation area that can be counted, but to meet the intent of this Imperative, teams should strive to maximize the ratio of cultivated space to circulation area. Elements that do not directly contribute to urban agriculture (extra wide paths, seating, ornamental plantings) may be integrated into the design but should not be included in the calculation. The team must be prepared to provide documentation, if requested, demonstrating the rationale behind their calculation and that the allotted spaces are sized appropriately for their function.  

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