15-0202 v2.1/Fred/Native Tree Use


Our site has a number of native oak trees on the perimeter, many of them straddling the property line. The facts that they are mature trees, of locally protected status, of split ownership, (and gorgeous) absolutely mean they will be thoroughly protected in the design and construction of the project. However, their root areas represent a significant fraction of the site area....roots which are highly intolerant of disturbance and irrigation in particular. While we continue to investigate which crops or orchard uses might be installed under their canopies without harm....we wonder if the oaks themselves might be counted toward the ag mandate.

Such oak acorns were a significant part of the diet of the local Native American population. We have investigated the means by which they were historically harvested and processed into flour--a lot of tannins need to be leached--and have decided it might be feasible for project operations.

Would that be acceptable? If so, given the somewhat unconventional nature of the crop, would any extra documentation be needed?


Existing trees may be counted towards the Urban Agriculture requirement as long as the team can document that the harvest and use of the acorns are both feasible and planned. Documentation might include identification of who will be responsible for harvest, research into harvest timing and processing methods, and demonstrated access to any special equipment that is needed. The occupancy period must show that harvesting has occurred.

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