15-0202 v2.1/Te Wharehou O Tuhoe/Urban Agriculture - Increase in Project Area/F.A.R During Construction Period


Our urban agriculture requirement was set at 50% at interim review based on an F.A.R of 0.073 calculated using a projected project area which included all the anticipated areas of site disturbance.

During Construction, however, the Contractor confirmed that the area of the property used for construction, construction-related activities such as milling, stockpiling or conveyance increased to 100%. Milling of the native timber was originally intended to be undertaken offsite but was changed during Construction to on-site milling.

This has therefore practically altered our F.A.R to 0.04 which means we would need 80% of our project area (now equal to property area of 40,459m2) in urban agriculture ie 32,367m2 of urban agriculture. This would be an increase in urban agriculture requirement of 20,367m2.

Have you come across this before where the F.A.R changes during construction as a result of unavoidable site logistics?

If so, how do you deal with the knock-on impact on urban agriculture requirement?



The project area must include all areas that are disturbed by the project work, including any areas used during construction for work, conveyance or staging as outlined on page 4 of the Site Petal Handbook. Your project might want to consider utilizing orchards, beekeeping or other edible strategies to meet your urban agriculture requirement, as outlined on page 17 of the Site Petal Handbook."

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