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We are looking at establishing an apiary on site. Research suggests that bees can travel up to a mile in search of pollen. Obviously, we should not consider the whole mile radius in our agriculture requirements but surely we should count more than the physical size of the apiary itself. Our question is what area should our team count as agriculture for our apiaries? Is there an established radius of the apiary?

A follow-up question would be how many layers of agriculture can you count towards the required area? I understand that two has been acknowledged to be appropriate but is two the limit? As an example, a very realistic scenario we are looking at would be to have a chicken run to set up within an orchard with multiple apiaries set up through the same orchard. To the extent that it is realistic, is it possible to count, in this instance, the agriculture area three times; once for the canopy of the fruit trees, once for the chicken run, and once for the apiary? The examples are just hypothetical but I can image multiple instances where more than two "layers" of agriculture activity occur over a single area.


"There is no established radius for the aviary. The project team needs to make a case for the area that should be counted as pollen harvesting for the bees. The physical apiary can also be counted. Agriculture that is specifically planted as pollen harvesting for the apiary can be counted. Yes, two layers are the limit."

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