15-0202 v2.1/The Monarch School Living Building Challenge/Scale Jumping Proximity (Part II)


When you say "apportioned service" you seem to specifically reference materials (i.e., lumber and pipes must meet Red List, Responsible Industry, Appropriate Radius).

Left unaddressed are other aspects of the LBC. Is Habitat Exchange required? We are considering sites where the local town owns the lands, we would be providing/expanding agriculture opportunities.

And Net Zero Water? I can see an argument where it should be included, but it would be difficult to account for an address at a remote site. 


Part II Scale jumping must comply with all of the Living Building Challenge Imperatives. The area used for scale jumping does not need to be added to your project area nor does it affect your FAR calculation for Urban Agriculture. Net Zero Water will need to be accounted for and addressed at a remote site as will all other Imperatives.

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