15-0202 v2.1/The Monarch School Living Building Challenge/Scale Jumping Proximity (Part I)


In terms of scale jumping and Imperative 02, we are not clear where this can occur. Additionally, it is unclear if space, where the scale jumping occurs (regardless of location), must meet the requirements of LBC. We have a couple of thoughts in mind.

A- We would like to partner with a farm outside of Houston, but this physical space would not technically be adjacent to the project site. One thing we liked about scale jumping to the farm we have in mind is that they are off the municipal water grid, whereas a local community gardener outside our site boundary would not be. Additionally, this farm has an active presence in the Houston Farmer's Markets.

B- We could partner with a local garden, but the local gardens are on the municipal water at least a portion of the time. Additionally, the partner we have in mind does not own all the property they garden.

It would be helpful to know if there are any other considerations we are not aware of. Currently, the LBC 2.0 points to the 1.3 Users Guide and the guide is not very clear about proximity.


Part I "The intent of Imperative 02 - Urban Agriculture is to bring food production into the urban context, closer to where people live and eat. Therefore, scale jumping must happen within the "small community"" scale, which may be defined by the geographic boundaries of a neighborhood or collection of neighborhoods within a city and adjacent to the project in question. While we think its great to partner with a farm outside of the City this would be in addition to the requirement. The scale jumping must also provide additionality. For example, the project could not just "sponsor" a space in an existing pea patch, but would need to work with a partner to create new Urban Agriculture within the community. Where scale jumping is implemented, the apportioned service (e.g. lumber for raised beds, irrigation pipes, etc.) must meet the requirements of the Living Building Challenge." 

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