15-0202 v2.1/Definitions and Calculations (Part VII)


Does the Urban Agriculture land need to be contiguous?

The project is to be located near the centre of the planned village. In an effort to achieve more effective land usage the centre of the village will have little agricultural land/space between buildings. Agriculture land will be located further out and in the immediate surroundings (as close as 800 feet from the building site) and in radial “green fingers”. We can, and are hoping to, include some agricultural space in/on/around the building in the form of a greenhouse, living roof, and coppice-able fruit and nut trees as shade and windbreaks. Does all of the agricultural land need to be contiguous with the building site or can it be, just nearby?

Is urban Agriculture land counted as part of the total project area?


Part VII "No, the agricultural area does not need to be contiguous. It can be located at the ground plane, roof plane, vertically, or other combination. Please also note that the Scale Jumping overlay can be applied to this Imperative, allowing contributing agricultural areas to be outside the project boundary. Yes, land used for agriculture to meet the requirements of this Imperative should be included in the Total Project Area. Refer to an earlier post in this thread dated 09/02/2011 for a sample calculation. For further details regarding the Scale Jumping overlay and how to calculate the Total Project Area when it is used for this Imperative, refer to a related post dated 08/15/2011 " Agricultural Program Area"."

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