15-0202 v2.1/Definitions and Calculations (Part II)


The Standard states that the FAR must be used as the basis for calculation of how much land should be set aside for agriculture. In this Dialogue thread, there is reference to the users guide for strict interpretations of how to calculate this. Please advise.

Also, is it correct to assume that since we are using FAR, we do not need to measure area of disturbance of the total project, i.e building and landscape, when determining agricultural land?


Part II "The building's Floor Area Ratio does drive the minimum area of urban agriculture required to be incorporated into the project. Refer to the attached diagrammatic illustrations for a visual explanation of the relationship. The "strict interpretations" for calculation are still forthcoming and are intended to serve as a guideline for how much area is appropriate to allocate for different agricultural strategies (though it should be possible for teams to determine this information as well). For example, if an acre of land was required to be allocated for agriculture, it would not be acceptable to indicate that this space would solely be used to rear 12 chickens or an "orchard" of 6 apple trees. The spaces should be sized appropriately for their functions and needs. Yes, since the percentage of urban agriculture required per project is relative to the building's FAR, the other areas of disturbance are not factored into the equation. However, these features will likely influence the type(s) and placement of urban agriculture on your project site."

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