15-0202 v2.1/Definitions and Calculations (Part VIII)



This dialogue seems to suggest that "off-site" (scale jumped) urban ag would still be included in the project area. Is this really true? If so, would the urban ag size be based on this larger area?

For example, a 10,000 SF would require a 30% area, which is 3000 SF. If scale jumped, then our site project area just got bigger (13,000 SF), which would require a slightly larger urban ag area, 4,170, which would make our project area bigger still, etc until we converge on our Project Area of 14,286 SF and an urban ag area of 4,286 SF.

I love math and self-referentiality but I'm guessing this isn't the intention. Is it?


Part VIII Land used for urban agriculture within the project site is part of the Project Area. Land used for urban agriculture through scale jumping is not part of the Project Area and does not impact the FAR calculation used as the basis for determining the urban agriculture area.

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