15-0202 v2.1/Definitions and Calculations (Part IX)


Although forestry is not be considered as agriculture could Maple trees existing on the site that are tapped or trees planted to be tapped for Maple syrup be included in the % area required to be used for food production?


Part IX "Yes, maple trees that are tapped for syrup can contribute to this Imperative. And maple trees that are existing on site may also contribute to the percentage of the agricultural area. (The protection of the existing trees complements the requirements of Imperative 01: Limits to Growth to protect sensitive ecological habitats and prime farmland.) Similar to other planted agricultural elements, the team should be able to demonstrate that: the project is in a climate supportive of this species as a harvestable sap source the occupant has access to the infrastructure necessary for this type of 'farming', and there is a plan of use for the syrup once harvested."

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