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Part X

How would one calculate the area that tapped trees contribute to the Agricultural numbers? If we are tapping existing trees on the campus site but aren't within the "project area" would they be classified under the "zone jump" and not have to be added to the area of disturbance/project area calculations?


Part X "As noted in the Dialogue response from February 8, 2010, teams may use the estimated full-growth canopy to calculate the area that tapped trees contribute to the Urban Agriculture requirement. If the trees being tapped are located on the campus but are not part of the project area, the approach described would be considered scale jumping. Refer to the staff post from July 10, 2009 for clarification on how to determine a project’s area in a campus setting. As these trees are existing the team would need to demonstrate that new or additional agriculture is being created as a result of this project and that the trees are not already being tapped. As noted in the Institute’s response from August 15, 2011, “generally speaking, the project boundary does not have to include the area of agricultural activity when Scale Jumping is involved - but the project boundary should be consistently applied to all Imperatives."" Please also note, as described in the Institute’s response from 9/1/2011, in order to meet the requirements of the Urban Agriculture Imperative, a project making use of trees for maple syrup production as part of an urban agricultural solution must demonstrate the following: *the project is in a climate supportive of this species as a harvestable sap source, *the occupant has access to the infrastructure necessary for this type of 'farming', and *there is a plan of use for the syrup once harvested."

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