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Our project is a small, new auxiliary building on a large L4 lot. The structure adds onto an existing building previously developed on the private lot.
We aim to understand the options for calculating Project Area per the statement, “Project Area must include all areas disturbed for the project, and may be the area within the property line, but does not have to include all of the area within the property line."
We aim to find an appropriate area that meets the project intent and is proportionate to the project scale and site density.
We are curious what the Institute things of the following proposed method of calculation using the total site FAR proportionate to the developed square footage:
The LBC project is 924 of the 5,084 gross square feet of building developed on a site with the area of 19,825 sqft.

Using the ratio of the LBC project's developed square feet to the total developed gross square feet a project area is found using the same proportion of the LBC project area to the total project area and looks like:
LBC Gross Area : Total Gross Area :: Project Area : Total Site Area or
924 : 5,084 :: Project Area : 19,825
resulting with a Project Area of: 3,603 sqft

With a Project area of 3,603 sqft the FAR of the LBC project is: .2564
This is equal to the total developed site FAR of .2564 (5,084 / 19,825)

When used to calculate the area for Urban Agriculture the above Project Area & FAR result with:
FAR of .26 = 30% of the project area is used for food production
30% of 3,603 (Project Area) = 1,080 sqft of land for the production of food

What are the Institute’s thoughts on the above method? Is it keeping with the imperative’s intent?


"We agree that a proportional project area, based on over all property density, or Floor Area Ratio (FAR), makes sense for small additions, or for remodels of small portions of exisiting buildings. 

To determine a proportional project area, project teams must calculate and document the following: 

1) Total property FAR = total gross building area AFTER project completion / total property area 

2) Proportional project area = total gross building area of the LBC project/ FAR ratio Your project calculations would be shown as follows, along with a site map indicating what is included in all areas: 

1) 5,084 / 19,825 (Total gross building area / total property area) = .2564 FAR 2) 924 / .2564 (LBC project building area/ property FAR) = 3603 sf (LBC Project Area) 

Note that the entire area disturbed by the project, for construction, staging or conveyance, must be part of the LBC project area. If the calculated proportional area is smaller than the actual disturbed area, then the project area must be expanded to include the entire disturbed area. Urban Agriculture requirements would then be based on the final LBC project area and FAR. The project FAR may be rounded to the nearest 100th (.26 in this case) for both the Project Area and Urban Agriculture calculations."

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