15-0206 v2.1/Class of 1966 Environmental Center/Counting Non-Edibles in Urban Agriculture


Our design team is planning a permaculture garden that could include a mix of plants people do and don’t eat. The non-edibles would be planted to enrich the soil, keep pests away, or attract pollinators. Can we count the whole poly-culture mix as urban agriculture or do we need to separate edibles from non-edibles?

Our team is also designing an outdoor space for plant preparation and harvest processing next to the garden. Can we include any of this square footage to meet our urban agriculture requirement?


Non-edibles within the poly-culture mix can be counted in the Urban Agriculture (UA) area if the team can document their intended function within the garden, and the area dedicated to those plants is reasonable in relation to the edible plants they are supporting. Support areas that contribute to the agricultural process (planting, cultivation and harvest) can be counted within your UA area. Processing areas (cooking, packaging, etc), cannot be counted.

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