15-0109 v2.1/R.W. Kern Center/Habitat Exchange - 'Banking' For Future Projects & Donation Grant Money


Hampshire College owns a large parcel of undeveloped, unrestricted land on the shoulder of the Holyoke Range.  This land is significant, in terms of wildlife habitat, conservation value, and prominence in the community.  Because of the opportunity to be part of a larger landscape level conservation effort coupled with the LBC imperative, Hampshire proposes to place approximately 46 acres into a permanent conservation restriction with the Kestrel Land Trust, a well-established independent land trust in the region.  This land abuts a larger area of land already preserved by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, meeting the requirements for larger, contiguous land preservation.  Approximately 3.2 acres of land must be conserved in perpetuity to meet the requirements of the imperative for this project.  Hampshire proposes to “bank” the additional acreage not needed for this imperative for possible inclusion in future LBC sites on their campus. 

Please confirm the following:

Hampshire College may keep additional acreage in a “bank” for possible inclusion in future LBC sites on their campus.

Because this developable land has significant value, there is a state program that will using grant money, compensate the College in exchange for the conservation restriction.  The imperative calls for a donation, but we believe that receiving compensation for this donation meets the intent of this imperative. In addition, Hampshire College plans to use these grant funds for initiatives related to their LBC project, including enhanced education and community outreach.  Hampshire is placing land into permanent conservation, and in so doing is giving a greater value to the community than it will receive back in grants, particularly since it is part of a landscape-level conservation effort.  

Please confirm the following:

Receiving a grant payment for the conservation restriction does not conflict with the intent of this imperative.

Thank you in advance for your guidance. 


Project teams may "bank" conservation land for use on future projects. The team must provide an official, dated document of intent from the date of purchase/conservation declaring that the conservation easement is planned as I-03 Habitat Exchange compliance for future LBC projects.

Compensation for the conservation land is allowed and does not impact Imperative compliance.

Please note that the land trust taking control of the donated land must still meet the requirements for an Authorized Land Trust under the Living Building Challenge. Please see the 2.1 May 2013 Site Petal Handbook (SPH p23) for more information.

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