14-0923 v2.1/Cincinnati Zoo ~ Africa/Habitat Exchange


The Cincinnati Zoo has previously purchased 15 acres of wetlands that they have guaranteed will not be developed or sold, however, it was not purchased through an accredited land trust. Due to this, we assume it would not be eligible for the habitat exchange imperative. Because of this, we have contacted a local accredited land trust to find another viable property. Through talking with them we have found a .916 acre plot that they have been trying to preserve for some time now. Since our project area is less than 1/2 an acre, the Zoo has purchased the wetlands for conservation, is devoted to nature conservation, and is a leader in green & energy efficient building, would the purchase of the .916 acre plot meet the requirements of the habitat exchange imperative?


Yes, the .916 acre purchase will meet the requirements in this case. The Institute agrees that it is reasonable to round up less than 1/10th of the minimum requirement, for projects with a Project Area of less than one acre, particularly when other conservation efforts are ongoing. Project teams are not allowed to purchase an offset smaller than their actual Project Area.

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