14-1205 v2.1/Gaddy Residence/Requirements For Owners Whose Mission Is Land Conservation II


A non-profit owner is in possession of approximately 110 acres. Within this 110 acres, a proposed project site is about half an acre (<.4 hectares). Can this imperative be met by placing >.4 hectares of the non-profit owner's land into an easement?


This strategy is acceptable if it complies with the stipulations of I03-E1 Conservation or Parks Projects. The non-profit owner's mission must be to preserve and protect natural habitats to ensure the required expertise is tied to the land protection, and the >.4 hectares must be placed into a conservation easement of, or contiguous to, at least 100 acres of a high-value ecosystem in perpetuity. If the owner non-profit does not have a conservation mission, it may be possible for the project owner to use their own land through a partnership with a conservation non-profit to meet the requirements. 

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