15-0202 v2.1/Choosing A Habitat Exchange Program (Part II)


Are we meant to provide this habitat exchange on the site of an accredited Land Trust, or are we able to work with one of the Land Trusts to create a conservation easement on-site?


The location of the land designated for Habitat Exchange may not be on the project site. The intent of this Imperative is to protect existing thriving ecosystems from compromise/demise as a result of human development and land use patterns. This means that the area protected is primarily for species other than people; though there are some acquisitions or conservation areas that have a human-focus, an overwhelming majority of the projects pursued by Land Trusts purchase or create easements in perpetuity so that sensitive areas and their inhabitants can continue to thrive. It is still commendable to create conservation easements on the project site, even if doing so does not feed the requirement of this Imperative. Please also refer to Imperatives 01: Limits to Growth and 02: Urban Agriculture for requirements relating to the treatment of areas onsite that are outside a building's footprint.

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