Auditor Qualifications

As of April 2018, the Institute has 26 active Auditors all over the world and is sized to accommodate the number of projects we expect to submit for certification in the near future.  The geographical locations of Auditors is dispersed in order to support local economies and reduce travel for Audits requiring a site visit.  
The current pool of Auditors is quite stable, and in most instances, Auditors have been acting in their Auditor capacity for several years.  Since 2017, we've added no new Auditors and only lost one Auditor. Our Auditors were selected based on interest and familiarity with the Living Building Challenge program and their professional expertise in the green building industry.  When an Auditor is assigned a project, the specific assignment reflects availability, geographic proximity, and technical expertise (i.e. if two Auditors are equidistant from a project and one is a civil engineer and one an architect, the civil engineer would be assigned the Water Petal Audit, and the architect the Materials Petal Audit.)  
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Are companies or individuals Auditors?  
    Individuals.  Qualified, expert individuals have been solely and specifically selected by the Institute to perform Audits, although Auditors may be employed at larger firms or companies, no other employees may be substituted.
  • In the event of an Appeal, is there a change in Auditor?
    If an Appeal is requested, the Institute may reengage the initial Auditor or reserve the right to engage another Auditor, depending on the nature of the Appeal.  Typically if the Appeal merely requires another round of review, the initial Auditor will stay engaged; if the project team thinks the initial Auditor has been unfair or applied requirements inconsistent with the program, a new Auditor may be requested.
  • Are Auditors anonymous?  Will I ever meet or get to know who my Auditor is?
    Zero Carbon and Zero Energy Certifications do not require an onsite visit from the Auditor like any Living Building Challenge Certification. So if you are pursuing a Zero Carbon or Zero Energy Certification, your Auditor will remain anonymous throughout the certification process, as Clarification Requests and the Audit Report will be channeled through the Institute.  If you are pursuing a Living Building Challenge Certification, a site visit will be required, and you will meet your Auditor at that point.  That said, other than a brief introduction to the site and project, the Auditor should be left alone to review the project.
  • Are Auditors required to do ongoing-training / continuous improvement?
    Yes - Auditors meet annually at the Living Future unConference for updated training, review of program standards and new updates, and procedural improvements and updates.
  • Are you currently taking applications to become an Auditor?
    No - we are not currently taking applications to become an Auditor. 

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