18-0629 v3.0/Post-Occupancy Testing Timeline for Phased Projects


We are requesting guidance on the timing for our post-occupancy IAQ testing for a phased project. We have noted the change from 9 months after occupancy to 3-12 months after occupancy. We are requesting a slightly extended timeline for one of our buildings.

The winery building was occupied in July 2017. The tasting room building was occupied in March 2018. Due to the phased construction schedule, we performed the pre-occupancy tests for each building separately. However, we found that this was a particularly inefficient process that resulted in extended project management time and delayed our ability to troubleshoot areas with lower indoor air quality. To avoid this during post-occupancy testing, we would like to schedule both buildings at the same time in January 2019. While the tasting room would still be within the 3-12 month window, the winery would not (17 months). We intend to fully comply with all other requirements of IAQ testing, including making an action plan for any areas that do not meet the parameters. Please let us know if this approach still meets the intent of the IAQ requirements.


In phased projects where there is efficiency from consolidated post-occupancy tests, and at least one of the phases will have a post-occupancy test within the 3-12 month period, post-occupancy tests for other phases may occur within 18 months of occupancy.

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