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The V 3.1 Handbook advised that Polycarbonate (CAS # 25037-45-0) is no longer on the Red List because there are formulas for Polycarbonate that do not contain Bisphenol A. 

A recent dialogue post asked that Polycarbonate items be allowed for V3.0 registered projects. 
The response was :
Polycarbonate (CAS # 25037-45-0) has been removed from the v3.1 Red List, therefore projects pursuing any version of the Living Building Challenge may use products with this ingredient. Products must still be vetted for all other Red List ingredients.

As Bisphenol A is on the Red List, and our understanding is that Bisphenol A  is an essential building block for Polycarbonate, we assume from this answer that Polycarbonate can only be used if the product in question is not made from Bisphenol A and that this specific question must be addressed with the Manufacturer when advised that a product is made from Polycarbonate.  Can clarification on this point please be provided as we are finding it very hard to source Polycarbonate that is not based on Bisphenol A and Polycarbonate is increasingly being specified for Roofing & Cladding due to it’s thermal performance plus it is ubiquitous in Electrical goods and Fire equipment.


Since project teams must only vet products down to ingredients with an identifying CAS Registry Numbers, and the CAS Registry Number for polycarbonate (25037-45-0) is no longer listed on the Red List, polycarbonate is allowed without further ingredient breakdown. Teams are not expected to vet ingredients beyond the CAS Registry Number, even if it is suspected the ingredient may include a Red List ingredient as a catalyst or building block.

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