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This webpage provides a general overview of the philosophy and intent of the Living Building Challenge. 

Standard 3.1
The  Living Building Challenge v3.1 Standard is the core document that project teams should use to guide towards certification.   It provides a high-level overview of the Petals and Imperatives, and is a free download.

Early Project Guidance 3.1
The  Early Guidance Handbook is a free addition to the LBC Petal Handbook series, and a critical resource for project teams pursuing the Living Building Challenge. 

Petal Handbooks 3.1
The  Petal Handbooks describe the rule set or “body of law” for achieving all Imperatives that make up the Petals within the Living Building Challenge. It should be used in conjunction with the Living Building Challenge Standard 3.1. These rules apply to projects registered under LBC 3.1. Project teams must follow all rules in place at the time of their registration including all Dialogue posts. Rules established after a project team’s registration date may be followed at their discretion.  There is one Petal Handbook for each of the seven Petals, and those handbooks define the requirements and required documentation for each Petal as of their date of issue.  Previous versions of the Petal Handbooks have been published.  Petal Handbooks 3.0 had one Handbook per Petal, but no Early Project Guidance.  Petal Handbooks 2.1 was an incomplete set, missing Handbooks for Health, Equity, and Beauty.

LBC Process
This webpage outlines the LBC process from registration to certification, including details, costs benefits, and resource links. 

LBC Resources
This webpage lists essential and frequently requested resources developed by the Institute for project teams pursuing certification.

Registered + Certified Project Map
This  interactive map displays manually updated data on (non-confidential) registered and certified projects around the globe by status and certification path.

Case Studies
All certified LBC projects will have a case study page on the website; you browse through all case studies   here. These pages are testimonials from project teams that share their process and experiences in achieving the most rigorous certification. 

Technical Assistance
If you're interested in one of our  technical assistance packages, please be sure to send the following information to

  • Project Location (aerial images are helpful)
  • Proposed typology (building, renovation, or landscape + infrastructure)
  • Project Size (in square feet or meters)
  • Project Type (e.g., school, retail, office, etc.)
  • Site Condition (For Imperative 01 - Limits to Growth Requirement, it is helpful to assess early whether the project site is on previously developed land.  Or, if the project is a greenfield, does it fall within a growth management boundary, or is it adjacent to development?)

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