18-1018 v3.1/Ecology School Commons/Transect Classification


I would like to confirm the transect for our project as L2 Rural Agriculture Zone. Our project programming is an ecology school embedded within a working farm. Our site will be comprised of a Commons building and Dormitory (both pursuing LBC), an existing farmhouse, barn and chicken coop.  The rest of our site (+/- 97 acres) is under an easement held by the Maine Farmland Trust. Our presumption has been we would be considered L2, but wanted to make sure we wouldn't be considered L3 due to the school programming. Is it based on FAR? With the entire site included, ours is less than 1. 


Based on the site-specific context of the project, and Living Community Challenge Transect designation of L2, the appropriate Transect for this Living Building Challenge project is L2 Rural Agricultural Zone. Transect is not necessarily related to Floor Area Ratio, though they often have a positive correlation.

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