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Our Classroom Building currently contains gas boilers that serve the entire campus. When we renovate our building, we plan to put in a heat pump to serve our building. However, the School currently does not have the funds to replace the gas boilers for the rest of the campus. Can we put back the existing gas boiler into our building footprint to continue to serve the rest of the campus? I understand that to get the energy petal, gas is not allowed except for lab or kitchen use. There are site and constructability issues regarding re-installing the existing boilers somewhere else on campus. Again, we are committed to heat pumps for our building, and these boilers will not be for the use of our building, just located in our building.

Allison Capen replied to this saying that "We should continue the conversation about the campus gas boiler. It may be allowed within the footpring, but we would need to know more specifics." (Please see attached email "Existing campus gas boiler" from Allison Capen, dated 6/23/2016.)

What information can we provide that will help you make this determination? We are happy to clarify, but just want to make sure that we are sending you what you need.


An existing boiler may remain in an existing building as long as the boiler does not serve the LBC project. Schematics demonstrating the boiler does not serve the project must be provided when the project submits for certification. Gas may not be used in the project unless it falls under an existing Exception. 

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