15-0701 v3.0/Request for Exception - Septic Capacity


I am writing to request an exception for the designed capacity of our sanitary sewer. Currently, it is designed to withstand a maximum of 200 visitors per day. Once a year, Silver Oak will hold an event called Release Day, with a maximum capacity of 1,000 visitors in a single day. To accommodate this large volume, Silver Oak rents portable toilets via a third-party contractor. Sizing our permanent sanitary sewer system to accommodate 1,000 visitors per day would result in a waste of resources given how infrequent the need for large capacity is. We ask that you provide an exception to our project, understanding that we have an appropriately sized system designed to meet typical carrying capacity and a plan to provide adequate facilities for Release Day. Thank you for your consideration.


It is acceptable to provide portable toilets for infrequent large events that exceed typical capacity needs based on the following new exception: 

(7/2015) (v2.1) I06-E5 Periodic Large Events (7/2015) (v3.0) I05-E7 Periodic Large Events

If a project hosts infrequent events (e.g. 3-4 days annually) that significantly exceed the facility's typical volume of visitors, the project team may bring in portable toilets. The project's sewer management system must be sized appropriately for the rest of the year.

I05-a Exception Narrative - A brief narrative statement describing the festival capacity requirements and alternatives explored in an effort to avoid this exception.

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