17-1114 v3.0/Resorcinol Formaldehyde in Structural Composite Wood Members


We are using glue-laminated timbers in the structure of our building.  In our research, we have not been able to find a resin adhesive and hardener that contains phenol formaldehyde instead of other types of formaldehyde.  We have contacted four glulam manufacturers in various parts of the country; from them, we’ve gathered there are two manufacturers of resin adhesives for a glulam application—Hexion/Momentive and AkzoNobel.  We have reached out to both companies to find an alternate product, but neither one has responded. 

ALAMCO, the glulam manufacturer we are using, has stated there are only two laminating systems they can use to meet the AITC A190.1 quality standard.  We are required to meet this standard by code.  They are:

A red system that needs the following chemicals:

  • Momentive Cascoset FM-6210 (red face hardener MSDS)
  • Momentive Cascophen LT-5212 (red face resin MSDS)
  • Momentive Cascoset G-1131-B (red finger hardener MSDS)
  • Momentive Cascophen G-1181A (red finger resin MSDS)

A clear system that needs the following chemicals:

  • Akzo Nobel C9653 hardener (clear face hardener MSDS)
  • Akzo Nobel C1263 resin (clear face resin MSDS)

The Akzo Nobel resin contains melamine formaldehyde, and from a dialogue post in 2014, we read that melamine has more potential to off-gas than phenol formaldehyde.  The two red resin products from Momentive, now Hexion, contain resorcinol formaldehyde and phenol resorcinol formaldehyde.   We are continuing our effort to reach Momentive to confirm that paraformaldehyde if a process chemical to create phenol formaldehyde in the red face and red finger hardeners.

In our due diligence research, we feel that the red system is the better of the two.  We have found no direction from our own research or in the dialogue that gives us indication about the off-gassing potential of resorcinol vs. phenol formaldehyde.  Are phenol-resorcinol formaldehyde and resorcinol formaldehyde included in the exception I10-E10 Structural Composite Wood Members?


Resorcinol formaldehyde and associated polymers are approved ULEF binders. As such, they will now be included in I10-E10 Structural Composite Wood Members.
Updated Exception:
I10-E10 11/2017 Structural Composite Wood Members
Added phenol formaldehyde and other ULEF binders are allowed in composite structural members, such as glulam beams.

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