17-1019 v3.0/The Living House/Polycarbonate


The Living House has been attempting for the last 6 months to identify and source potable and grey water pumps that are compliant with the Red List. The majority of the manufacturers that we have contacted have either ignored our requests or are not willing to go through the process required to demonstrate compliance with the Red List. We have however identified one pump that is compliant with the Red List with the exception the impeller and the pump casing both of which are formed from glass filled polycarbonate.

We are registered under version 3.0 but are aware that polycarbonate has been removed from version 3.1. We would therefore like to request an exemption that allows products that use polycarbonates that are not on the v3.1 Red List to also be accepted in our v3.0 project as compliant with the Red List .


Polycarbonate (CAS # 25037-45-0) has been removed from the v3.1 Red List, therefore projects pursuing any version of the Living Building Challenge may use products with this ingredient. Products must still be vetted for all other Red List ingredients.

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