17-1201 v3.0/Homestead Remade/Salvaged Products and Sourcing


Our team has been working hard to explore all avenues of sourcing FSC wood for this project. Engineered Wood Products specifically, such as TJI's and LVL's, while available in our region have been hard to procur at the small quantities we are needing. In an effort to move the project along we have re-designed a majority of the project to include salvaged dimensional lumber but we are still needing a few engineered products to meet the long span requirements of the design. 

We have found on Craigslist a general contractor in our region who has overstock of TJI and LVL product from a recent apartment building his company constructed. The material is the correct specification for our needs and is "Overage" from his project. Purchasing the excess material from him would suit the project while eliminating the need to purchase full quantity lifts from an FSC mill. 

We have asked this contractor if he would entertain a "Donation" of this excess material to the project, but that is unlikely. We wonder if the term "Salvaged" could apply to this material as it did in dialogue post ID2410 taking into consideration the process for the discovery and procurement of these overstocked goods. 


Because the TJI and LVL products are left over from a separate project (vs. extra stock purchased for sale), and a small (but sufficient) quantity due to the team minimizing demand, they are permitted per the update to I12-E5 below. 

(v2.1) I13-E7 7/2015 Donated Surplus Wood – 10/03/19 update

(v3.0) I12-E5 7/2015 Donated Surplus Wood – 10/03/19 update

Donations or purchases of small quantities of non-FSC surplus wood are acceptable if they are leftovers (vs. stockpiles) from an individual or project, (vs. a commercial wood supplier). The wood must have been initially purchased or harvested for some use other than the LBC project. If the wood is purchased for (vs donated to) the LBC project, the team must show they were unable to find reasonable FSC options (e.g. within 1000 km by land). Such products may be considered as one salvaged product for Net Positive Waste, and as salvaged for Responsible Industry, since FSC options were exhausted. Therefore, they do not require FSC COC.                                            

I13-a Exception Narrative - The individual supplying the wood must provide a brief description of the original planned use(s) for the wood

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