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We are renovating a single family home built in 1845 in the old historic district of Saint-Rose in Laval, Quebec. Because the configuration of our land and the proximity of the street to the house, we do not use the front door overlooking the street, but instead, a new door on the side of the building will be created. This door will be overlooking the parking lot. This door will open on a climatic vestibule of  8 feet deep before giving access to living areas. A no shoe policy is in effect in the house.

Q: We use a permeable concrete for the entire section of the parking (see sheet attached and website : http://www.patiodrummond.com/produits/pave-permeable-h20-new/ ), is it possible to consider this as a patio, due to their great absorption? The use of a permanent exterior dirt walk-off system is hardly defensible in a region that is a third of the time covered with snow. We are planning a small roof, +- 2.5 feet wide, over the door, but we suspect that the City will ask us to remove it for historical reasons.

Q: The user's manual does not make secondary doors in homes. What are the requirements? The patio door of the kitchen will overlook a 10 foot patio.

Q: Do we also need dirt track-off systems for the street door, even if its use is not planned? We keep for historical reasons.


Permeable concrete is sufficient as an exterior dirt walk-off system for the primary entrance. Some weather protection should be provided unless advocacy is not able to convince the jurisdiction having authority.

For single family homes, secondary entrances must meet the same criteria as primary entrances, since use varies across seasons and users.  A 10' patio would be sufficient as an exterior walk off system.

No dirt-walk-off systems are required for any entrances that are not intended for use during occupancy. However, as long as the front entrance is functional and faces the street, it might still be used periodically, by visitors or on certain occasions. Given the limitations of the historic conditions, the proposed addition of permeable concrete pavers leading to the street door would be a sufficient exterior walk-off system, and interior walk off mats that can be used as needed and cleaned (e.g. on which to leave shoes) are recommended but not required if an indoor no-shoe policy is enacted.

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