18-0125 v3.0/Clarifying Definition of FFE


Our LBC building, the Gulf State Park Interpretive Center, is part of the larger Gulf State Park Project. The furnishings for the Interpretive Center involves a small amount of loose seating, recycling and waste receptables, and folding tables. The cut sheets have been uploaded to this post. Some of these are intended for outdoor use, and some will serve a meeting room intended for intermittent use by visitors to the park or local organizations. 

Due to the small quantities, these furnishing will be purchased along with the furnishings for a Learning Campus on the other side of the park. Based on our understanding of the petal handbooks and dialogoe posts (below), we have identified these furnishings as FFE, not "systems furniture," and have not planned to include them in our Red List documentation. We wanted to confirm through the dialoque that this interpretation meets the intent of the Red List Imperative. 

From the Petal Handbooks
Furniture, fixtures or other equipment that has no permanent connection to the structure of a building or
utilities and is not part of the systems furniture does not need to be tracked for Red List. This includes all
residential furniture and discrete elements for offices such as occasional tables and chairs, area rugs, couches, and office printers not included in systems furniture."
And from a dialogue post:
"For the purposes of the LBC, systems furniture is defined as "a modular furniture system that might include work surfaces, cabinetry, file systems, flexible partitions and office chairs to create or furnish a series of office workspaces" per the May 2014 v3.0 Materials Petal Handbook (MPH p18). Therefore, chairs and tables are systems furniture if they are part of a product line designed for repetitive use in commercial environments."


The identified products in the attached are all Freestanding Furniture and Equipment and do not need to be vetted for Red List ingredients.

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