18-0213 v3.1/Pikes Peak Summit Complex/Municipal Potable Water Supply & Colorado Law


Our team is seeking an exception to the I0-05 Net Positive Water Imperative. The exception we are seeking is tied closely to exception I05-E1 4/2010, which allows municipal water to be utilized for potable uses, but still requires non-potable uses be sourced from the project site.

The project site is located at the apex of three water sheds and water that impacts the project site is required, by water law and subsequent water rights, to flow into the water sheds for utilization by water rights holders. Therefore, per Colorado water law, we are unable to use water sourced from the project site, specifically harvested rain water. Due to the site geology, sourcing water onsite via a well is economically implausible because of insurmountable initial costs, and anticipated high maintenance costs.

The building is being designed with a system capable of utilizing harvested rainwater, as well as space allocated for a future water treatment system in anticipation of regulatory acceptance of rainwater harvesting.

We are asking for an exception that permits all water for the project be supplied by a municipal source when health and utility regulations require the use of municipal potable sources and regulations prohibit water to be sourced from the site in the form of rainwater harvesting.  


Given the extreme circumstances (e.g. extreme geography and climate combined with strict water laws), it is acceptable to apply I05-E1 Municipal Potable Water Supply to both potable and non-potable water for this project, if the following conditions are met: 
  • Minimize non-potable uses to only those necessary for health and safety
  • Address the impacts of water rights policies on the environment in the team's advocacy for rainwater capture 

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