18-0426 v3.1/Data 2/Definition of "Unique Item" for Salvaged Materials Requirements


We recently completed our Pre-Building Audit of the existing building to be demolished on our Project site. We are planning to salvage 4 unique types of lighting fixtures for reuse in different areas, such as the restroom, back of house MEP/storage areas and public spaces. To comply with the salvaged item requirement, can we count each type of lighting fixture and its unique location as 1 item, thus totaling 4 items? Or is the rule of thumb that each material category, such as lighting, equals 1 salvaged item toward our requirement? We aslo are operating with the understanding that 4 of the exact same lighting fixture would count as 1 item, based on previous Dialogue posts.

Please confirm and advise on how we should proceed in our counting efforts. Thanks! 


Each type of lighting fixture may be considered a unique salvaged item. Multiples of the same type of fixture would be considered as one salvaged item. Please see Dialogue Post 7043 for additional information on this topic. 
Note that lamps purchased for the project must comply with LBC requirements, even if they are for salvaged fixtures. 

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