18-0604 v3.0/Binghamton University Nuthatch Hollow Environmental Studies Facility/Project Area Calculation


Our Project Area is located on a 74 acre property belonging to the Binghamton University Campus.  We have calculated the Project Area, per the attached Project Area Plan, to include a pipe that will run underground from proximity to the building to a nearby pond for use as a dry fire hydrant.  There is an existing paved driveway on the property, only part of which is included in the Project Area.  The excluded part of the existing driveway will ultimately provide access to the Nuthatch Living Building and to trails and areas in other parts of the property.  All disturbed areas related to the construction of the Nuthatch Living Building are within the proposed Project Area, demarcated by the dotted red line on the Project Area Plan.  Please confirm our calculation of the project area complies with the Place Petal Imperatives.


The proposed Project Area appears compliant, if the work on the excluded driveway is under a separate contract. All work under the contract for the LBC building should be included in the ProjectArea. 

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