17-0907 v2.1/Bull Street Terraces/Tapware & Door Hardware - Stainless Steel or Unfinished Brass


We have been looking into materials and finishes for door hardware and tapware for our project in regional Victoria, Australia.

Is stainless steel or raw / unfinished brass considered preferrable ?

I understand the process of stainless steel contains chromium which is a read list material, however brass used for available door hardware contains lead. I know that some lead is allowed in door hardware (Specifica Exceptions - I10-E8 1/2009 Door Hardware), however is there any guidance on using stainless steel or un finished brass.

We have not been able to source fittings in lead-free or low-lead grade brass alloy.


Chromium is allowed in alloys and other building products as long as it is not in a hexavalent state. Chromium used for stainless steel alloys is typically in a zero valence state unless the product is chrome plated. Ingredients should be recorded down to a CAS Registry Number level. If the selectedmaterialhas a CAS Registry Number, it does not need to be broken down further into individual ingredients.

Because brass often contains lead, stainless steel is preferable. 

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