17-0725 v3.0/Binghamton University Nuthatch Hollow Environmental Studies Facility/Nuthatch Hollow Ash Tree Harvesting


Re.  I12-E1 8/2008

The project site is 63,600 sq. ft. inside a 75 acre bird sanctuary owned by Binghamton University.  Per the attached report from the Environmental Sciences Department at the University, ash trees will be harvested from the bird sanctuary for reforestation/restoration purposes.  A few of the ash trees identified for harvesting are on the project site, the rest are on acreage surrounding the project site. The University intends to trade the harvested ash trees for FSC certified wood from a local lumber mill for use as construction material in the Living Building project. The harvesting will be done by an FSC certified forester.  Is there any aspect of this plan that does not comply with Living Building Imperatives and may the University proceed immediately with the harvesting?


The team may use the harvested ash under either I12-E1 Intentional Harvest or I12-E3 Invasive Species. The harvested wood may be used in the project or traded for FSC certified wood to be used in the project. The Institute recommends incorporating some of the harvested wood into the project for education and biophilia.
Exception Documentation must be provided when submitting for certification.

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