17-0612 v3.0/Cal Guerxo/Polypropylene Pipework 100% Ingredients


The project team was unable to find a 100% ingredient list for pipework material.

We have research 3 different alternatives: aquatherm, Italsan and rehau and have advocated the Declare label. However, none were able to demonstrate 100% transparency as far as ingredients are concerned and have >1% of ingredients undeclared due to confidentiality issues.

We have specified polypropylene pipework instead of PVC for potable water, HVAC and swimming pool.

We have read in the dialoge  https://access.living-future.org/fusiotherm-pp-r-potable-water-pipework that Aquatherm Fusiotherm http://www.aquatherm-pipesystems.com/index.php?id=336&L=2 now called Aquatherm Green Pipe could be an option. Aquatherm pipes are also PVC free, free from health-hazardous heavy metals and they are recyclable. But again, not be able to document the 100% ingredients.

Do we have to specify copper pipework instead of PVC for potable water, HVAC and swimming pool? We don’t like the idea for possible copper leaching in the future.

We have already bought a vitrified clay pipe for waste water pipe with C2C label ( https://www.steinzeug-keramo.com/en/) but not be able to use the same product for interior of the building.

Could be the Aquatherm Green Pipe allowed under I10-E1 General Red List based on the team’s stated due diligence and advocacy?


If the manufacturer can confirm that there are no Red List ingredients in the product, then I10-E4 Proprietary Ingredients may be used even if the withheld ingredients exceed 1% of product composition. If the manufacturer can not confirm the product is Red List free, then based on its due diligence, the team may use I10-E1 General Red List which requires documentation of both due diligence and advocacy. 
Note that teams are to do due diligence to find a compliant product for either exception, but the due diligence documentation does not need to be provided for I10-E4 unless the Auditor requests it based on having a question. 

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