17-0605 v3.0/Exception Request - IAQ Testing Timeline


We would like to request a dialogue with ILFI regarding the air quality testing requirements in the Health + Happiness Petal. The project understands that LBC requires that all pollution generating activities must be complete prior to pre-occupancy testing. However, the project may need to grant an exception due to project limitations which have arisen in the product specification process.

The team completed extensive LBC vetting for the Columbia plywood used in the finishing systems of the project. This research process ended up being longer than expected, as the manufacturer had to complete CDPH testing in addition to red list compliance. After determining its compliance, the team ordered the product, but it has a longer lead time than expected – the final shipment of cabinetry is excepted to arrive in July (at or shortly after the move-in date for that staff). As a result, counters, tile, and other finishing associated with this product will be delayed in several areas (coffee room, copy room, break room, etc).

In addition to the cabinet delay, some of our office furniture will arrive after occupancy in part due to the unanticipated long lead times of specifying CDPH compliant plywood.

While the team is pursuing expediting the plywood lead time as well as the furniture lead time, we would like ILFI’s input on how to proceed should this not be possible. We suggest the following schedule for IAQ tests:

  1.        After all pollution-generating construction is complete and all systems furniture is moved in, post-occupancy.
  2.        After nine months of occupancy.

The project would like ILFI to consider this alternate path, as the reason for the delay is the completion of Health + Happiness Petal research.  


Because there will be pollution-generating construction fairly soon after limited occupancy begins, due to CDPH testing for Healthy Interior Environment compliance, ILFI will allow the initial IAQ test to occur after this construction takes place, which may be after some limited furniture move in.
The final IAQ test must then occur between 3 and 12 months after occupancy begins, and after all furnishings are installed.
Please upload a copy of this Dialogue post when submitting for certification.

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