17-0509 v3.1/Municipal Source Offset


I05-E09 Municipal Source Offset
For projects where 

  • water capture and re-use, including rainwater harvest and grey water recycling, have been maximized on-site (legally and technically)
  • water use has been minimized (best in class fixtures and demand minimizing strategies)
  • ground / well water is not accessible due to contamination, technical or legal reasons

connection to a municipal source is allowed when the project team:

  • makes a case that connection to the municipal source is the most sustainable option
    • density, transect, aquifer limitations, well salinity or contamination, climate, policy or pollution levels may be contributing factors
  • implements water efficiency measures or reuse strategies in nearby buildings/infrastructure
  • shows that the resulting annual reduction in municipally provided potable water to the neighboring buildings/infrastructure is, at least, equal to the project's annual use of municipally provided potable water so that the municipal use is in balance or reduced.

I05-a Exception narrative
I05-b Calculations

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