17-0509 v3.1/Scale Jumping Within an Aquifer


I05-E08 Scale Jumping Within An Aquifer
For projects where:

  • water capture and re-use, including rainwater harvest and grey water recycling, have been maximized on-site (legally and technically)
  • water use has been minimized (best in class fixtures and demand minimizing strategies)
  • ground / well water is not accessible due to contamination, technical or legal reasons
scale jumping within the aquifer is allowed if the project team: 
  • provides a quantitative water balance showing that the extracted water, minus evapotranspiration and consumption, will infiltrate back into the aquifer 
  • includes all pumping energy in the energy balance for the project
  • makes a good case that the proposed off-site system is appropriately proximate to the project. 

I05-a Exception narrative
I05-b Calculations - (energy use and water balance)

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