17-0501 v3.1/Phenol Formaldehyde Polymers in Foam Board Insulation


(v2.1)  I11-E24 Phenol Formaldehyde Polymers in Foam Board Insulation + (v3.1)  I10-E23 Phenol Formaldehyde Polymers in Foam Board Insulation
Foam board insulations containing phenol formaldehyde polymers may be used if, as specified in the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Regulation.

  • the phenol formaldehyde polymer in the insulation contains acceptable levels of free/residual formaldehyde, and
  • the phenolic foam boards' bonds are between formaldehyde and phenol, resorcinol, cresols, or a mixture thereof.

To demonstrate compliant levels of free/residual formaldehyde, the manufacturer or supplier must: 

  • conduct testing of the polymer in accordance with ISO 11402 (Formaldehyde content) or EN 717 (Formaldehyde emissions) or an equivalent standard, and
  • document that test results were below the CARB formaldehyde limits (content or emissions).
This exception does not apply to polymeric materials with urea-formaldehyde or urea-melamine or mixtures of these materials with phenol formaldehyde. The team must provide technical documents demonstrating compliance.

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